What Are We Anyway?

LenzUs is a photo sharing site for individuals, families, photographers, artists, hobbyists, visionaries, and groups of all kinds. It's also a place to share movies, audio, and text.

Your site can be public for the world to see, or private so that only members you invite may visit. Members of your site can post their own photos and messages too, so it's a perfect place for families or groups of friends to check-in, show their latest pictures, leave messages for each other, and stay in touch.

Launching LenzUs

This site was originally created in March, 2000 as an online photo gallery for a single family, actually an entire surname. We allowed anyone with that last name to create their own site on the system and post all the photos, movies, audio clips, and comments that they so desired.

Over the years members have suggested improvements and we've taken every idea seriously, then upgraded and enhanced the site to accomodate all of their ideas. This arrangement worked rather well because there have always been a large group of people using the site and providing feedback on how to improve things and make the site easier to use. So after so many years of this, the site's pretty darn easy to use now!

In September, 2006 we transformed this family picture sharing website into a family-run business, and opened our doors as LenzUs Inc. If you start your own photo sharing site on LenzUs, you'll see why so many people have enjoyed it for so many years!

Welcome to LenzUs!