::Cancelling Your Site::

How to Cancel Your Site

To cancel your site, click the Edit Site Options link that you'll find on your Site page under the Manage Your Site section.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you'll be asked to click a checkbox to indicate your wish to cancel.

A verification screen will display double-checking that you wish to cancel your site and delete all your postings. Once you click OK, your site will be immediately removed from the system.

That's it.

That's It?

Yes, we know. The corporate conventional wisdom dictates that we're supposed to make it as difficult as humanly possible for people to close their accounts. We just happen to think that's rude and unnecessary, and that making people angry is not a good way of doing business.

If I have a Paid Account will I get a Refund?

Yes. You'll be issued a refund for the unused portion of time remaining in your billing cycle. The refund will be applied to your credit card.