::LenzUs Accounts::
Free Pro Ultra
Uploads per month 25 megabytes
2 gigabytes
Unlimited file storage
No commercial ads on your site
Make your site public or private
Organize all the postings on your site from one screen
Add unlimited members to your site (with upload privileges)
Link to your photos from other blogs and websites
View any album as a slideshow
The ability to replace a photo.
Create unlimited photo albums
Store and archive your original hi-res photos
Download your original image, movie and audio files
Go Solo (Remove LenzUs references from your site)
1 year account (monthly available) Free $19.95 $49.95
A public site can be visited by anyone on the Internet.
A private site can only be accessed by members you have invited to join your site.
Free sites may upload pictures of any size and they will be saved in the original format, however the images are resized (scaled down) to accomodate viewing them on the site.

On Pro and Ultra sites your original high-resolution photos are made available for you to download at any time.
With Pro and Ultra sites your original high-resolution photos, movies and audio files may be downloaded by you or any other member of your site.

The download link does not appear when guests or non-members visit a posting.
Upload limits are calculated by the total file size of the original image that you upload, even if you delete it later.

In other words, this is a bandwidth limit, not a storage limit.
Commercial Advertising
We think ads on your site page, or on any of your photo pages just looks crummy. We don't think your or your visitors should have to see them next to your gorgeous photos, period.

Lenzus-Specific Notices
When guests visit your free site, they will see a 'Create your Own Site' box. Site owners, on the other hand will see an 'Upgrade your Site' box. However, neither of these panels appear on paid sites.

Search Results
If a search is initiated from a free site page, sponsored ads will appear on the LenzUs-owned search results page. However, these ads are removed when the search is initiated from a paid site.
Free sites get unlimited storage of their uploaded files, and the most recent 200 photos are available to view at any given time.

With Pro and Ultra sites all of your uploaded photos are available for viewing all the time.
Monthly rates are also available for Pro and Ultra accounts.
Free sites limit the size of images in slideshows to fit within a 480x480 window.

Pro and Ultra slideshows fit images to a larger 800x800 window.
Free sites are limited to 5 albums at any given time. Pro and Ultra sites may contain an unlimited number of albums, and may be categorized in an unlimited number of Album Groups.
Pro and Ultra sites have the added ability to replace a photo once it has been posted -- instead of deleting and reposting it.

This allows you to retain all the descriptive information you have set for the photo, as well as preserving all the comments that visitors have already posted for the image.