::Building a Successful Group Site::

Building a Successful Group Site

One of the most rewarding ways to use a LenzUs site is to make it a lively meeting place for your friends and family. Many times over the years we've heard members of groups tell us that their group site was an important way for them to keep in touch with distant family and friends.

Invite Lots of People

The most successful group sites are those with a large number of members. On your site page, you'll see an "Add New Member" button. Click the button and enter the name and email address of each friend and family member who you'd like to become a part of your community.

Post Lots of Pictures!

Since members who are part of a close-knit group tend to leave the email notification option enabled in their user account, and therefore receive email whenever something is posted to your site, the more photos, comments and topics that you post, the more people will visit. And the more people who visit your site, the more comments will appear, which in turn generates additional visits.

Enable the Birthday Feature

In your Site Options, you can enable a feature that posts a message to your site when it's one of your members' birthday. Other members will be notified about the message and will log on to check it out, and possibly leave birthday wishes for that person.

Enter One Email Address per Member

It's best to enter only one name per email address. In other words, entering "Mom and Dad" as the name of a member, attached to a single email address doesn't tend to work out, because when someone logs on and leaves a comment about one of your pictures, they tend to like to be credited as themselves. It's best to enter a separate entry for each person.

Your Members Can Post Too!

Encourage your members to post their own photos, movies, audio files and text messages too. Remember, the more things that are posted, and the more members you have, the more activity that will occur on your site.