::Getting Around LenzUs::
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Browsing for Photos

You can search for photos, artwork, movies and music by using the search boxes that you will find near or at the top of most pages. If you use the search box on the LenzUs.com main page, then the entire collection of public postings on LenzUs will be searched. If you use the search box within a site then only the postings in that site will be searched.

The Trackbar

The trackbar is a set of links at the top of every page within a LenzUs site. The trackbar shows you where you are in a site. For example, if you are on the page displaying a photo or movie and you want to look at the album containing that item, just click the second to the last link in the trackbar.
The LenzUs Trackbar If you are looking at an album then the second to the last item will be that album's category, and so forth. By the way, if you click the trackbar link titled Uploads, you will be taken to a special version of the album index page, which displays all of the photos, movies, or audio files posted on that site, in chronological order.

Locating Member Sites

You can find member sites various different ways:

  • You may click on a picture from the LenzUs home page. That will bring you to a posting page within someone's site. Use the trackbar at the top of the page to navigate back to the site's main page.
  • If you know the alias of a site, you may enter the site's full URL which would look something like this if the site's alias was "mysite": http://mysite.lenzus.com.
  • You can search all of the public photos, or other hosted images, movies, audio files, and text postings by using the search control on the home page. From these search results you may also be led to the postings on different LenzUs sites.
  • Or if you are a member of a friend's site and you have notifications turned on in your user settings, then you can click on the links that get emailed to you when new postings have been added to your friend's page.