::New Features on LenzUs::

Mar 6, 2007 -- New Features on LenzUs

LenzUs has been growing and improving day by day, and we have a few great new features to make your photo sharing and your online photo albums more fun and productive. As usual all of the features that we've added were by the request of our site members!

Drag and Drop Uploader

We've added an uploading tool that allows you to drag and drop photos from folders on your disk to your site in a snap! Select one or more pictures, or even an entire folder and drag them onto the tool to upload your files all at once.

Album Organizer

Click the Organize button from any photo album and you'll get a list of all items posted in that album. Drag the postings up or down to change their order, or select one or more photos to move multiple items to a different online album, or to delete multiple photos at one time.

You may also create new online albums or album categories, and edit your items from the same screen, making management of your posted photos simple and, dare we say, even a little bit fun.


Any album can now be viewed as a slideshow. Click the Slideshow button which you'll find at the top of any album page to view all the photos in that album as a slideshow!

Any More Bright Ideas?

If you have any ideas of your own that you think would improve the site, don't be shy, let us know by emailing: support@lenzus.com.