::New Easy way to Share Photos!::

Jun 8, 2007 -- New Easy Way to Share Photos

We've added a new feature to LenzUs making it easier to share photos or entire photo albums with your friends and family.

Photo Sharing

Use this option to share a single photo. Click Share Image below any photo in its online album, and enter the email address of one or more people you'd like to share it with. The email they get will contain the selected photo, with its title and description. If they click the picture they'll be taken to the online album page containing that image.

Album Sharing

Use this option when you want to share a complete photo album with your friends. Click Send this Album to a Friend at the top of any online album page and your email recipients will get a copy of the first picture in the album and a link to the rest of the photo album online. Using this option ensures that your visitors start their viewing experience from the beginning of your photo album, and get the message that you've posted a group of photos for a theme or event.