::Another User Request Fulfilled::

Jul 12, 2007 -- Another User Request Fulfilled

It has been pointed out that when uploading many photos in a row, it can be tedious to enter information for each photo when that info is identical for the whole batch of photos. For example, all the pictures were taken on Easter Island in the Summer of 2004.

To solve this problem, we've added a new feature to the Organize screen -- you may now edit multiple photos online at a time.

Where is this Organize screen?

To bring up the Organize screen, click the orange Organize button from any photo album page. Once in the screen, you may organize the selected album or choose any other album online that you'd like to organize. Note: this is the same screen you are presented with automatically after uploading a batch of photos with the drag & drop uploader.

Editing a Single Photo

Every item in your photo album is listed on the Organize page in display order and the information you entered for each is shown. Following the title is an Edit link. Click that to bring up a new, improved edit window to make changes to that photo online without leaving the page.

Editing Multiple Photos

If you wish to edit common information for multiple selections, click the checkbox next to the items you wish to edit, then click Edit Selected Items in the command bar (above the list). You'll be able to change the When, Where, and Credit to fields, or manage the Tags for all of the photos that you have selected.