::How to Post a New Item::

How to Post New Item

You can upload photos, movies, and audio clips to your site -- or to any site you are a member of -- by clicking the Upload button wherever it appears on your site. There's an Upload button on your main site page, and also at the top of each album page.

If you use the Upload button from the site page, then whatever you post will be stored in the site's Main Album. However, if you click the button from an album page, then your uploads will be stored in that album.

Upload Methods

When you click the Upload button you'll be taken to a page giving you choices of how you'd like to upload your photos, movies, or audio files.

If you have Java and Javascript enabled on your browser (and most people do) then you can use our Upload Tool. This method allows you to drag and drop one or more files, or even an entire folder of files onto the page, and all your photos, movies or audio files will be uploaded at once.

If you only have a single item to post, then you may post using the traditional one-at-a-time uploader.