::Replacing an Existing Photo::

Replacing an Existing Photo

Sometimes you may find that you would like to replace a photo that you have already posted, maybe with a new version that you have improved in Photoshop, or possibly with a different version that you like better of the same subject.

One way to do this, and the only way if you have a Free account, is to delete the photo, then repost it. However this will also delete all of the information you've entered to describe the image, and more importantly, will also delete all comments that visitors to the photo may have already posted!

Replacing a Photo without Deleting Comments and Info

To replace your photo without losing its description or its visitor comments, navigate to it in the album where it is located, and click the 'Edit' link that you'll find below the image.

If you have a Pro or Ultra account, then you'll see a 'Replace' button at the top of the page. Click that button to upload a new version of the photo. Once it has fully uploaded be sure to click the 'OK' button on the edit form to confirm the new version, and your photo will be replaced without disturbing visitor comments, or the image descriptions you may have already posted for the photo.