::Inviting Friends to your Site::
Sharing your Photo Site

Inviting Friends to your Site

Once you've created a site, the next step is to show off all the beautiful photo albums that you've posted. One great thing about LenzUs is that by inviting a lot of people to visit your site, you can easily create a vibrant community of friends and family who use your site page as a way of staying in touch with each other.

Anyone who visits your site page may post comments about your photos. But you can also add people as members of your site. When you designate people as members of your site, they have posting privileges and may post photos, messages, movies, and music of their own.

Add a Friend to your Site

Adding a New Member

To add a new member, press the Add Member button that you'll see over the Member List, on the left side of your site page. You'll be asked to enter their name and email address. Once you enter the information an email will be sent to your friend or family member with instructions for signing in to the site.

On their first visit your friend will be presented with their User Settings page allowing them to enter a username and password, and any other details they would like to enter for their user profile. Once they've completed the screen they'll be taken to your site, and will be allowed to post content and share photos of their own.