::What's on Your Site Page::

What's on Your Site Page

Each user who creates a site on the system will have their own main page -- the Site Page -- which leads to all the text, images, movies and audio files they've posted on their site.

The Top

At the top of the page is the navigation bar that allows the visitor to edit their Account Settings, Sign in (or out), go to the other pages they are a member of from the My Sites menu, access this Help Library, or search for content on that particular site.

Below that is the title of the site, or a custom logo. The choice of showing a title or logo can be set by the site owner on the Edit Site Options page.

Under that will be a row of random photos chosen from those posted on the site. This photo bar displays after there have been at least 5 photos posted on that site.

The Left Side

Along the left side of the site will be a list of members of the site. Members have posting privileges allowing them to post images, movies, audio or topics. A button appears at the top of this list allowing the site owner or site members to invite new family or friends to the site.

After that a section will appear that is only visible to the site owner, allowing the owner to manage their site settings.

The Right Side

At the top of the page is a list of the most recently updated photo albums and to the right of that, icons indicating the most recently posted images, movies, audio files. Comments made by visitors and members are not indicated in this list, but can be found by visiting each item, or by reviewing the Message Log (see below).

The Message Log

All topics or comments to postings are listed (latest first) in the Message Log. New items are indicated with a yellow border, if the user has the "indicate new items" feature enabled in the Account Settings.

To clear this "new" state, click in the message body (if you have Javascript enabled) or click the "seen it" link. This will remove the indications that the message is new, effectively marking it as read.

The "new" state will also be cleared if you visit the item or the message directly.