::Understanding Upload Limits::

Understanding Upload Limits

If you have a Free account then you're limited to 25 MB of uploads per calendar month. If you have a Pro account you have a humongous quota of 2 GB per calendar month. And if you have an Ultra account then read no further -- your site has no upload limits. Your upload limit resets on the first day of each month at which time you can start uploading that quota all over again.

Don't Bother Deleting Files!

Deleting photos, text, movies or audio files has no effect on your quota! The upload limits are a bandwidth quota, not a file storage quota. Once that bandwidth has been used, it's a done deal.

No Storage Limits?

Even though you may have a monthly bandwidth limit, you can upload up to that limit month after month after month, and ultimately store as much as you like on our servers. Storage is cheap, it's bandwidth that's expensive; so that's why we've arranged LenzUs this way.

Let's look at an Example

Let's say you have a Free account with a 25 MB upload limit, and it's January. You may upload 25 MB worth of photos, movies or audio files in January. Then in February your amount-uploaded percentage goes back to zero and you can upload another 25 MB. Now you have 50 MB of files stored on our servers. Upload another 25 MB in March and now you'll have 75 MB. So, as you can see, you have no limit on how much you "store" only on how much of that storage you can add to your site per month.