::Uploading More than one File at a Time::

The Drag and Drop Upload Tool

If you would prefer not to upload one picture at a time, click the "Upload Several Files at Once" link from the upload page. You can reach the upload page by clicking the Upload button from your site page, or any album page.

The Upload Tool allows you to drag and drop one or more photos, movies, and audio files, or an entire folder of files from your computer to be uploaded as a batch. Just drag the files onto the tool and they will be uploaded to your site without any further user interaction.

If you click the Upload button from your site page, the uploaded files will be posted into your Main Album. If you click from a specific album, they'll be posted into that album.


To use the Upload Tool, you must have both Java and Javascript enabled in your browser. If you don't have them enabled then you may either enable them temporarily before using the tool, or set up your browser to allow Java and Javascript whenever you are on LenzUs.com.

Using the Uploader

Navigate to the Upload Tool as described above. When you first open the page containing the tool you will be asked to give permission to the applet. Answer "yes" or "yes always" when this popup appears. This will only occur the first time you go to the page in any given browser session. You'll know that the tool is working correctly if you see the message "Drop your files here." in the middle of the page.

Now choose a directory on your computer containing the pictures you wish to upload and select one or more photos, movies, or audio files in the directory then drag them onto the Uploader. Or drag an entire folder of files.

Alternately, you may click the Browse button and select your photos using the a file selection dialog.

Once the files have uploaded, the "Organize" screen will appear, allowing you to organize the order of the newly uploaded files, as well as easily edit the descriptions for each photo.

Upload Limits

The uploader will only allow you to upload a batch of files if the total size of all files in the batch does not exceed your current upload capacity for the month. This only applies to Free and Pro sites which have upload limits.

However, even if you have an Ultra site with unlimited uploads, the tool will still only allow the uploading of 100 megabytes at a time. If you have more than 100 MB of files to upload, then you must break your files up into smaller batches.